Sleeping Bag Wearable Blanket Baby

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A baby sleeping bag (sometimes called “cocoon”) is one of the easiest sewing craft projects wearable blanket baby you can do in less than an hour. These wearable sheets can be made of different materials from wool to light cotton. If you are less than an expert in machine sewing, you can still complete this project successfully. You only need a minimum of sewing and you can use thread and needle to obtain excellent results.

As time passes, this simple wearable blanket baby can be adjusted to continue enjoying comfort, warmth and deep sleep. Spread the baby blanket on a flat surface. Position it in such a way that the longest part is the vertical (up and down) from your point of view. The shortest (or wide) part should extend horizontally (left to right). Fold the last 4 inches (10.16 cm) from the bottom of the blanket across the width. If the material is 32 inches long (81.28 cm) you should now measure 28 inches (71.12 cm).

Sew up the top and sides of the fold to keep the material in place. As the baby grows, you can remove and reposition this seam further down to extend the length of the sleeping bag. Measure the total width at the bottom of the wearable blanket baby. Divide this number in half and write down the number for the center point. Mark this point with chalk. Divide this half width in half.