Crochet Seahawks Baby Blanket

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Seahawks baby blanket – The crochet is an art form that uses a small hook to pull up and twisted loops of yarn to create decorative textiles. A simple Afghan or crocheted carpet can be made from crochet grandmother squares. Grandmother squares were invented for the prevention of waste. Scrap yarn was used to squares to create a rainbow-colored rug. Crochet a baby blanket is a great craft project for mothers-to-be working on during their pregnancy. Even making your own rug can seem daunting for those who have never crocheted before, the crochet process is quite simple to master after a few practice pieces. Once you’ve learned a few basic crocheted steps, you can also learn to do other projects like hats and scarves for your baby.

Tie a knot in the yarn around the crochet needle. This will be counted as the first loop in your chain. Loosen the tip of the hook once around the front end of the yarn and pull it through creating another loop. Continue crocheting a single chain until it is the desired width for the rug. Normally it would be about 30 inches. Make sure that the number of chains on your first row is divisible by the number 3 because you will loop in every third chain when making a double crochet on the following rows. Count how many loops you have created in this first chain and be sure to create the same number of double crochets seahawks baby blanket for each additional row in the rug. If you accidentally jump a loop or add too many in a row, your carpet will appear malformed.

Turn the chain around your palm and wrap the front end of the yarn over the hook from the back so that it loops around the hook. This is called yarning by. At this time you should have 2 threads over the hook. Put the hook into the third chain on the first row, so you now have three loops of yarn on the hook. Grab the front end of the yarn with the hook and pull it through all three loops over the hook, leaving only one loop on the left. This is called a double crochet seahawks baby blanket. Continue the double crochet on every third chain in the first row until you reach the end of the second row.

Create two chains at the end of this row and tip a piece in your palm. The top of your second row should appear to be a single chain row that is connected with two loops to the first chain row with the exact number of chains that you started your carpet with. Continue a double crochet cross third row along the chains of your other row until you reach the end. Tie off your yarn at the end of the last row of looping the leading end of the yarn through the last chain loop and pull it all through the loop. Cut it out with a scissors. This will close the last loop when pulled tight and prevent the carpet from being pulled out.