Chic Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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Chalk paint kitchen cabinets – Paint a kitchen without complicating our lives too much. It is something that many people ask us. Can chalk paint be use for kitchens? And it is that we have spent a lot of years seeing the kitchen always the same and consider changing your furniture is almost like getting into a work. It is not only the cost, but also the lio that it supposes. But for that, too, the painting has reached the chalk. The kitchen furniture was paint with the Vintage (the normal one for furniture) and the lacquer varnish was then apply.

The colors are the same as those of the Vintage range, with the difference being slightly lighter. We could say that two shades lighter. One for the paint itself, which includes a product that makes it a lighter shade. And another for the wax, which as already knows who uses the Vintage, darken a tone the chalk paint kitchen cabinets when applied on it. Because that’s another advantage. The Versante range does not need to be protected with wax or varnish. It carries a product that causes it to harden and protect itself. That is, we give two hands (sometimes can be three) of paint and ready.

We only have to wait between 7 and 10 days for the painting to finish. And until then be careful what we have painted, of course. Chalk paint kitchen cabinets has in its composition protection against humidity (and against UV rays, in case we want to use it outdoors), which makes it perfect for use in kitchens or bathrooms. In addition, unlike when we protect with wax, we can clean it with normal cleaning products, not only with water and neutral soap.

You could put a catch. And it is not allow to use with it decorative painting techniques such as sanding or glazes with waxes. La Vintage is a very porous painting that allows us to sanding it with great ease and fidelity. Moreover, being able to use waxes of different colors (or even colored by us), gives us great versatility to achieve great results with little effort. Glaze is a transparent medium whose function is to extend the drying time of the chalk paint kitchen cabinets and make it translucent. With it we can get effects like the marbling. Or just help us get an effect of aging, which is what I will explain in the following tutorial.