Knit Yellow Baby Blanket Ideas

Posted on Baby Blanket

For all the mothers and grandmothers and aunts who wrote to me asking for a yellow baby blanket easy to knit with two needles. Here I found a pattern that I thought was great to give as a present. Place 96 stitches on the needle and knit in clear white stitch until 6 cm. High. (Note: some longer needles are sold that come in handy to make this type of fabrics so wide, see if they get where they buy their wool).

Well, now that they have reached 6 cm high, we have to continue weaving dividing the dots in the following way (this is so that those wide Borden of clear holy point remain). With the crochet needle do a whole round of the yellow baby blanket knitting in half a point with white wool. The second row is the one that gives it the shape of lace.

Knit 1 half a point at the 1st base point then we make 3 chains in the air and, jumping 2 base points join with a half point more. (Repeat this for the entire lap, they are like little ears all around the blanket). The third row is now woven with the wool of the color they chose for the yellow baby blanket. Knit 1 half a point about half a base point then we make 6 chains in the air and, knit 1 stitched last point.