Diy Baby Blanket Tricolor Wool

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Thinking of a beautiful, practical and handmade gift to celebrate the birth of a baby in the family? This wool diy baby blanket is perfect! You will need 6 balls of merino wool for a blanket of 80 x 80 cm. I used three different colors, 2 balls of wool for each tone. You will also need circular needles of 80 cm minimum, and, to sew wool ends, a crochet or sewing needle.

First, we must estimate the number of points and rows we will make per cm to use the proper combination of yarn and needles. This may vary depending on the person and determines the size of the finished diy baby blanket. You can skip this step if you are an expert in point, but we recommend doing the estimation. To make it, mount 15 points and knit 20 rows. Then leave a small square fabric on a flat surface and use pins to pick up a square of 10 x 10 cm.

This way, you can count the points and also the rows. I counted 11 points (the pattern must have an odd number of points) and 18 rows. This means that for a diy baby blanket that measures 80 x 80 cm I need to mount 88 points + 1 edge point to weave a total of 144 rows (or reach 140 rows). Undo the estimate to make sure you have enough wool for the blanket.