Recycle Baby Stuffed Animal Blanket

Posted on Baby Blanket

You may want to keep a baby stuffed animal blanket as a cherished keepsake long after your daughter has outgrown her childhood friend. Even the signs of much use, such as an eye missing a leg or sewn, can cause memories. On the other side, children often receive stuffed doll more than they can reasonably play, leaving many of them in a state similar to new or at least good. These little used toys can find new life in different ways.

Recycle them within your family, by passing them on to younger children or donating them to children in need. When a tattered toy reaches the end of its useful life, use filler for art projects. Sort the baby stuffed animal blanket by the condition. Identify the animals that can be found a second life and those that should be discarded. Clean the plastic eyes with dust, discs with a soft, damp cloth. Check the care label. Wash machine washable toys in the washing machine.

Locate organizations that accept donations of stuffed animals. Some second-hand stores accept stuffed toys with labels still on them or that are in perfect condition. Make a safety baby stuffed animal blanket toys. If a teddy bear spent beyond repair, but the front of the bear remains intact, remove the back and sew the bear to a small blanket. Place the bear so that the corners of the blanket align with the head and arms. A child can use it as a safety blanket and as a toy.