Best Ideas Baby Blanket Sewing Patterns

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Baby blanket sewing patterns – Curly baby blankets look cute for girls and boys. They add a touch of softness that other blankets do not have. Adding ruffles to a baby blanket is not very difficult, it can only take a little longer than a blanket without them. Take your time collecting your hive so that the threads are not broken. If you do not want to make your own hive, you can buy pre-made fliers, lace from the fabric store and use it instead. Cut two pieces of fabric for the front and back of the blanket. The blanket can be any size you want. A 45 by 45 square inch blanket is ideal for babies and toddlers.

Determine how long a piece of fabric you need for the steering wheel. Two and a half times the length makes a good of the hive. For example, if your blanket is 45 square inches, multiply 45 by 4 to get the perimeter of the baby blanket sewing patterns. The perimeter of this blanket is 180 inches. Multiply this number by 2.5 to get 450 inches. Cut the strips from the fabric of the hive. Add two inches to the width you want. For example, if you want a two-inch steering wheel, cut the width by four inches. Cut enough strips that, when added together, equal 450 inches.

Place one strip on top of another, right with right; sew along a short edge with a quarter-inch stitching. Repeat with the other strips so you have a long strip of the hive. Iron the flat strip. Iron pulls the hive half lengthwise, right side outwards. Iron the fold so it remains folded on its own. Sew a stitch encounter along the cutting edges of the strip of the hive. A pick stitch is the longest stitch your machine makes. You may want to make several sections so it’s not that long. Pull one end of the thread from your stitch gathering. The fabric will begin to gather in the thread. Gather the steering wheel evenly until it is the correct length. For our example, 180 inches. Pin the steering wheel to the right side of the fabric on the back of the blanket. The rough edge of the hive should be along the rough edge of the backrest with the steering wheel inward. Sew along the edge.

Place the front baby blanket sewing patterns on the top of your back, just sides together. The one in the hive should be interspersed between the layers. Sew a seam around the entire blanket. Leave an opening of four or five inches. Turn the blanket right side through the opening. Turn the asperities of the opening inside and the pin. Sew a quarter-inch seam around the entire edge of the blanket. This is decorative, as well as effective in closing the opening. Sew through the center of the blanket once finished if you want. This is the blanket front and back together. Some sewing machines have a hive trim that can be used instead of a meeting point.