Baby Blanket with Satin Trim Ideas

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Baby blanket with satin trim – With a fine sewn cutter trim, you can transform what would otherwise be a basic baby blanket in a boutique baby shower gift. Adding a satin trim to the felt immediately creates a soft, playful feel and appearance. It takes only a few minutes to make the border. Measure the perimeter of fabric that you will use to make the blanket. (The two fabric pieces should be of the same size.) To calculate the circumference, measure all four sides of the fabric and add their measurements together. For a blanket that is 24 inches by 48 inches, the perimeter is 144 inches.

Ideas for make baby blanket with satin trim. Measure and cut a piece of satin blanket binding 1½ times the circumference. For the felt with a 144-inch perimeter, you need a piece of binding those measures 216 inches long. Fold each end of the binding 1/4 inch. Sew ends closed with a 1/8 inch seam allowance to create clean ends for ruffles. Loosen the tension of the sewing machine all the way. Adjust the stitch length of your machine to about a quarter inch; Use a piece of cloth to test the stitch length. Sew along the edge opposite the folded edge of satin felt binding with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave the tails of the thread at least 6 inches long at each end of the seam.

Pull the bobbin thread at the end of the seam to collect the felt binding along the seam. Keep collecting the tie until it’s just an inch longer than the perimeter of felt fabric. Tie the upper and lower thread together at each end of the bonded bond to keep it together. Place the ruffle between the two pieces of felt fabric, with the wrinkled edge of the ruffle at even height with the edge of the fabric, before sewing the two fabric pieces to attach the ruffle to the blanket.

And babies love to keep satin bindings in the mouth, probably because satin is soft and feels good on their gums. Many commercial blanket makers put satin to their baby blankets, and most parents who want to make their own blankets want to put satin, too. Fortunately, satin bindings for blankets are sold in most fabric stores. They come in several sizes and colors, perfect for adding the new blanket.

And to attach a baby blanket with satin trim with a corner. Select the satin seam binding as you like. Cut the blank wad 1/2 inch shorter than the width of the seam binding. Measure each side of the rug and add twice the width of the seam binding plus 2 inches the length of each side. Cut the length of your blanket wad to the size of the felt (do not add extra inches). Sew your felt edge with a wide zigzag stitch. Use cotton thread. This seam is to stabilize the edge of the blanket, if it is made of material that likes French.