Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

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Bedroom closet design ideas – Decorating a small bedroom can be a challenge. You want the room to be a warm and inviting refuge without feeling crowded. But even in a rarely used guest room, you need functionality – a place to sleep; storage for clothes, shoes and bedding; and reading glasses. If the room is for a child or a teenager, you may even need a desk for homework and a seating area to relax with friends. How do you put it all together in a 10-foot-square space?

The master bedroom closet design ideas in your home are more than just a place to store your clothes. A well-designed master closet can serve as a dressing room and place to prepare for an evening out, get ready for work and pack for a trip with all your belongings right where you need them.

Dressing Closets

If you are lucky enough to fit in your master closet for a dressing room, you can create a dressing closet containing mirrors and an area to prepare for your day. For those with an extra bedroom in the home, the room may replace a master closet and provides plenty of space for a dressing closet. Install shelves, hanging bars, shoe racks and a vanity to create a dressing room.

To make the most of the storage capacity in the bedroom closet design ideas, use all the space from floor to ceiling. Keep frequently used items on the top shelves, and keep a step stool nearby to reach the items if necessary. Use wicker baskets on top shelves to keep items neat and organized. Two rows of bars doubles the capacity for hanging items in the closet. Hanging items such shorter skirts and tops on the lower hanging bars. If space is limited in the closet, hanging the items that are in season, and store out-of-season clothes on the shelves to keep the clothing you are currently wearing in range.

In closets with enough space, covering an area to sit while dressing. A vanity gives you a place to put on jewelry and makeup if there is enough light in the bedroom closet design ideas. A sofa in the closet gives you a place to put on your shoes. A large dressing room must provide adequate lighting so that you can find clothes and dress for the day. Include ceiling to find items in the closet, and installing task lighting on the vanity to prepare for the day. A lighted mirror generates enough light for you to apply makeup, do my hair and put on jewelry while dressing.